TUNING HMG: Program Editor!

From its first release (mid 2005) my idea about HMG was that, it should be a ‘zero-configuration’, ‘ready-to-use’, ‘out-of-the-box’ development tool.

According to these goals, HMG was the first Harbour distribution including a C compiler being pre-configured to work immediately after install.

At that time, you only needed to do the following at command line:

compile <ypur_prg>

Seconds later, a stand-alone Windows exe file was ready for you (almost a “miracle” at that time) :).

The following design step (some years later) was to add a friendly face to HMG, it was the HMG-IDE utility.

It had to follow the same goals, then… you only must click on the ‘new Project’ button, pick a folder and set a name for the project, then a main program module, a main window and required project files are automatically created for you. The only thing to complete your first experience with IDE, is to click the ‘Run’ button… then… TA DA!!!

As an IDE companion, I’ve added to the HMG distribution a great programmers editor (Notepad++).

Notepad++ is free, open source, lightweight, very fast and plenty of great features for programmers.

For some reason that I’m not able to understand, one fine day, Notepad++ was retired from HMG distribution, so… now… when you double-click on a program module on IDE’s project browser, or in the event of some widget to create or edit a code snippet: NOTHING HAPPENS!… then… the ‘out-of-the-box’, ‘zero-configuration’ experience IS BROKEN!

Even when on future versions of IDE, it be pre-configured to use the Windows Notepad (a text editor well known to have nearly zero features) the user experience will be ‘sad’ (or some other adequate word that not comes to my mind right now) :).

So.. how to solve this:

  1. Download Notepad++ here
  2. Install at some place (no matters)
  4. Click on the ‘three dotted’ button on the ‘Module Editor’ section.
  5. Pick the Notepad++ executable from its installation folder.
  6. Click ok… ok… etc.


Many of you should be thinking: “Not a big problem… I’m already have a favorite editor… I just must to configure IDE for it… “.

Please, consider that I’m thinking (specially) on new users arriving to HMG and the difficulties that could frustrate them.  New users should have the best experience possible.


You can change the name (Notepad++) by any of the other great open source editors outhere, but a quality programmers editor should be added to HMG distribution and IDE  should be pre-configured for it.


If you want to discuss about this (even to disagree with me 🙂 ) you ca do it here (you need a SourceForge account to be able to post).

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